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Eliminating Waste in Outdoor Watering and Saving Dollars

We GUARANTEE to deliver savings to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers; multi-family residential properties and single family residences.
How Much Waste


What is ET (Evapotranspiration)?

Evapotranspiration is a proven scientific process used to determine the optimum time to irrigate a landscape by calculating the loss of moisture in the soil through evaporation and plant transpiration.

What is the importance of real-time weather data?

When dealing with local climate patterns, it's often the case that weather changes at a moment's notice. Real-time weather data, broadcasted hourly by ExactET, helps to calculate soil moisture loss as it occurs. This means the landscape receives water exactly when it needs it; no sooner, no later.

What is the importance of true ET weather data?

True ET weather data, as supplied by ExactET, is crucial for determining how much soil moisture is lost on an hourly basis in each of a given city's micro-climates. Our weather stations are designed to work closely with 'smart' controllers in order to supply the correct real-time data necessary to maximize landscape health plus water savings.

What are 'smart' irrigation controllers?

Conventional irrigation timers water on an arbitrary pre-programmed schedule (typically three times a week during the summer, whether the landscape needs it or not). The ExactET solution uses weather data – ET and rainfall – to ensure the right amount of water is applied at exactly the right time. It does not water when it is raining.

Why should I install a 'smart' controller?

It saves water and thus money. It is good for the environment, creates healthier landscapes and reduces carbon footprints

How does a 'smart' controller make watering my landscape easier?

You never have to adjust your schedule to take into account changing climatic conditions, including rain and freezing temperatures.

How will installing a 'smart' controller save me money?

You will enjoy a significant reduction in water use because your irrigation will only come on when the soil needs it and not because the conventional timer has it programmed for a set amount of times per week. It also cuts down on fertilizer and maintenance costs.

Can I install a 'smart' controller myself?

Yes, but it is not advised. To get best results, it is recommended you contact an authorized professional.

What is a typical return on investment?

1 to 3 watering seasons.

Are 'smart' controllers compatible with existing timer-controlled irrigation systems?

The only 'smart' controllers compatible with all existing timer systems is Rain Bird's ET Manager and LX Modular.

How often do you maintain your weather stations?

Monthly, during the watering season.

If I install a 'Smart' controller, what can I do to maximize savings and landscape health?

Irrigation systems can often be damaged in the watering season. In order to maximize savings and landscape health, it is best to check the operation of your irrigation system at least once a month for busted sprinklers, clogged heads or broken lines.

How reliable and accurate is the weather data generated by ExactET?

ExactET employs high end Campbell Scientific weather stations to ensure accurate and reliable ET data. The stations measure all the required climatic variables (solar radiation, temperature, wind, humidity and rainfall) used in the Irrigation Assoociation endorsed ASCE standardized ET equation.

What is the difference between central control systems and 'smart' controllers?

The differences are primarily in the automation and application of the systems. Where a central control system is a supervised command unit that can either be on or off site, a 'smart' controller is a fully automated control unit that operates independent of human interaction.

Do I need to connect my 'smart' controller or ET product to a computer to make changes?

Most ET products can be adjusted manually on the device itself. However, any changes should be done by a professional trained in the operation of that product.

What if I have to turn off my system for a day?

While procedures for this vary from product to product, it's usually sufficient turn the irrigation controller off. If you would like to stop water on the same day every week (to accommodate landscape maintenance), most controllers have the option to turn off on specific days of the week.

Is there a manual over-ride for testing sprinklers?

Virtually all ET products have the option to manually override the climate control system when necessary. This can vary from product to product, and you should consult a professional or instruction manual.

How vulnerable are ET products to lightning strike or power outages?

Most ET products have non-volatile memory, meaning their settings are not affected by power outages or surges. Those that do not are usually equipped with a battery connection that will help prevent loss of data. It is absolutely vital that ET products be grounded to their power supply.

Will a 'smart' controller turn on my sprinklers during the day?

If properly installed, no.

Will a 'small' controller help reduce run-off?

Because a properly-programmed ET product is designed to only apply as much water as the soil can contain, run-off should be significantly reduced, if not entirely eliminated.

Is there an on-going cost for Climate Controlled Irrigation?

Yes. There is a fee for the annual hourly weather service from ExactET's network of local weather stations. This service is critical to the continued successful operation of the Climate Controlled Irrigation system. The suggested retail price for the annual hourly weather service is $250. This fee may however vary by Irrigation Professional and may also be packaged in with other irrigation services (e.g. monthly irrigation maintenance, extended warranty programs etc.).


  • commercial buildings
  • schools
  • parks
  • condominium complexes
  • provincial agencies
  • planned communities
  • homeowner associations
  • property managers
  • apartment buildings
  • residential homeowners


  • rain interrupt
  • high winds interrupt
  • cold temperature interrupt
  • separate programs for each landscape zone
  • deeper, thus healthier, root growth
  • investment in trees and plants is protected from over-watering
  • reduced operating costs
  • enhanced curb appeal and therefore improved property values
  • exemption from water restrictions during periods of drought
  • reduced fertilizer/herbicide requirements
  • elimination of water run-off pollution into our waterways
  • reduced costly asphalt repairs as a result of excess run-off
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • earns points towards LEED certification
  • garner public recognition and support for going 'green'

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