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More Recognition For ExactET!!

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            ExactET’s work with climate controlled irrigation has again garnered success in the Calgary Residential Rental Association’s annual awards.


We entered just two categories – each of them up for grabs for the first time – and won both.

            The Blue Award is for water conservation, while the other prize is for best website.

            “I can’t begin to tell you how delighted we are to be recognized in such a manner,” said ExactET’s CEO and co-founder Graham Duffy.

            “The Blue Award is sponsored by the City of Calgary, and it is encouraging to be linked with a body that is itself known internationally as a leader in water conservation.”

            Regarding the company’s new website, Duffy said, “We spent a lot of time, effort and money on creating a new website.

            “We believed it was more focussed than previous sites. We believed it easier to read and understand. We believed it was more attractive. And we believed it was more interactive.

            “But let’s be fair, what we believe is not important. What matters is what visitors to our site believe, and the fact that a panel of our peers gave us first prize tells us we’re on the right track.”

             Gerry Baxter, executive director of the CRRA, said, “ExactET were worthy winners in both categories.

            “The company’s owners are true believers in the need for water conservation, and this is echoed in the service they provide and the amount of water they save for their clients. Through their unique service, more than a staggering billion litres of water has been saved and that number will continue to grow.

            “When it came to the Blue Award, the judges really had no difficulty in giving the nod to ExactET.”

            Baxter said the first ever Website Award went to ExactET despite stiff competition from a number of other entries.

            “The ExactET website was selected for among other things, its great use of space. The graphics were slick, eye pleasing and colourful, and they conveyed the company’s message without being text heavy.”

            Baxter continued, “The site loads quickly and displays properly on a variety of devices, and there are real examples of the benefits the company can produce for its clients.

            “But the highlight, is the very-easy-to use app on the home page that helps visitors determine how much water they are wasting by not implementing climate controlled irrigation.”


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