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Cochrane Offers Rebates on Smart Irrigation Controllers

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            As part of its wide-ranging water conservation program, the town of Cochrane is offering a $200 rebate to residents who convert to climate controlled irrigation from the out-dated arbitrary timer based method.

            The designated supplier is ourselves and we can be reached at 403-242-6660 or gduffy@exactet.ca

            Graham Duffy. Co-founder and CEO of ExactET, said:  “We are honored to be part of Cochrane’s aggressive yet imaginative program to conserve water.

            “We have already saved our existing clients nearly 2 billion litres of water and I am confident we can play a significant role in Cochrane’s attack on water waste.”

            Other water saving rebates offered by the town, include:

  • Wood mulch as ground cover
  • The introduction of fescue sod
  • The purchase of rain barrels
  • Low flush toilets, and
  • High efficiency washing machines

          For complete information on the rebate program, including online application forms, go to http://www.cochrane.ca/262/Rebates

Questions about the various water saving programs can be e-mailed to water@cochrane.ca

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