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Eliminating Waste in Outdoor Watering and Saving Dollars

We GUARANTEE to deliver savings to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers; multi-family residential properties and single family residences.
How Much Waste

ExactET Clients' Saved 438 Million Litres of Water in 2014

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ExactET reported this year their clients saved a grand total of 438 million litres of potable water, which equates to a reduction of more than $974,000 to their customers’ utility bills.

Both of these numbers are records.


By converting to climate controlled irrigation, clients slashed water consumption by 40 per cent, just slightly what they  did in 2013 (39%).

Since their launch in 2006, ExactET has saved clients a staggering 2.3 BILLION litres of water, the equivalent of 933 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The multi-family residential properties saved on average 1.3 million litres of water, while commercial properties saved an average of 1.0 million litres.

"In western Canada, we got off to a slow start thanks to a winter that hung on far too long, but that was more than offset by an extremely hot and dry July, augmented by summer-like conditions right through to late October," said ExactET's CEO, Graham Duffy.

Duffy continued, " eastern Canada saw more normal climatic conditions, but water savings for Ottawa and Montreal were higher thanks to rainfall levels 12.3 per cent and 8.1 per cent, respectively above normal levels.

Here’s a small sample of how much water some of their clients saved in 2014:

  • Chinook Centre                                                4.1 million litres saved                 ($9,200)
  • Southcentre Mall                                             11.1 million litres saved              ($24,800)
  • Lougheed House                                               2.2 million litres saved                 ($4,800)
  • IKEA, Calgary Store                                           7.2 million litres saved                ($16,200)
  • Calgary South Health Centre                              2.7 million litres saved                 ($6,100)
  • Devon Tower                                                     0.5 million litres saved                 ($1,100)
  • Sunridge Business Park                                      7.0 million litres saved                 ($15,500)
  • Yellowhead Crossing I, Edmonton                        2.7 million litres saved                 ($6,900)
  • Wyldewood Estates (multi-family res.)                3.4 million litres saved                 ($7,600)
  • Atria, Toronto                                                   9.1 million litres saved                 ($20,200)

For an extended list of individual property savings, please visit www.exactet.ca

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