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Edmonton Water Rate Increases for 2015

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Edmonton Water Rate Increases for 2015

Epcor posted the Water and Wastewater Treatment Rates for the City of Edmonton, effective April 1, 2015.

Residential, multi-residential and commercial customers are charged a combined Water and Wastewater Treatment Consumption Charge for irrigation usage.  In addition to this Water/Wastewater Charge, irrigation also attracts a Drainage Sanitary Charge - a consumption charge billed by Epcor on behalf of the City of Edmonton.

Thus, the full cost of irrigation usage, is the combined charges for:

  1. Water Consumption
  2. Wastewater Treatment
  3. Drainage - Sanitary Utility

The 2015 rates for these three charges are as follows:

2015 Consumption Rate Increases:

  • Water Consumtion Rate increase: 2.7% (effective April1, 2015)
  • Wastewater Treatment Rate increase: 7.6% (effective April 1, 2015)
  • Drainage - Sanitary Rate Increase: 2.9%  (effective January 1, 2015)

2015 Water Consumption Charge per cubic meter (m3):

  • Residential: $1.8472 (0 m3 - 10.0 m3);  $2.0179 (10.1m3 - 35.0m3); and, $2.5502 (over 35.0m3)
  • Multi-Residential: $1.7925 (0 m3 - 100.0 m3);  $1.4996 (100.1m3 - 1,000.0m3); and, $1.2390 (over 1,000.0m3)
  • Commercial: $1.4060 (0 m3 - 25.0 m3);  $1.4060 (25.1m3 - 100.0m3); $1.2967 (100.1m3 - 1,000.0m3); $1.0263 (1,000.1m3 - 5,000.0m3); and, $0.8261 (over 5,000.0m3)

2015 Wastewater Treatment Consumption Charge per cubic meter (m3):

  • Residential: $0.7374 (all consumtion)
  • Multi-Residential: $0.7374 (all consumtion)
  • Commercial: $0.7374 (0 m3 - 10,000.0 m3);  $0.5705 (10,000.1m3 - 100,000.0m3); and, $0.2977 (over 100,000.0m3)

2015 Drainage Charge - Sanitary Utility - Variable Rate:

  •  $0.8857 per cubic meter (charged to all customer classes)

By way of example, a typical commercial property will be paying around $2.6494 per cubic meter in 2015 (i.e. water  $1.0263 + wastewater $0.7374 + Drainage-Sanitary $0.8857). An overall increase of 4.1% from the comparable charge in 2014.

Complete water rate information can be found on the Epcor website.

In 2014 ExactET saved their Edmonton clients an average of 39% on their outdoor water usage.  The average ROI for the commercial and multi-residential customers is 1.5 years.


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