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Eliminating Waste in Outdoor Watering and Saving Dollars

We GUARANTEE to deliver savings to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers; multi-family residential properties and single family residences.
How Much Waste

Toronto Company Saves Clients Millions of Litres of Water

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In just one summer, Principle Water Resources, a Toronto-based irrigation design company, has saved more than seven million litres of water through innovative, environmentally sustainable irrigation design and water management.


By employing climate controlled irrigation and storm-water retention and re-use technology, Principle Water has helped retail, commercial, municipal and institutional customers go ‘green’ and achieve LEED compliance.

Some examples of Principle Water’s customers in the Toronto area who saved water and therefore money in 2009, are :

Bentall LP, Sun Life, Burlington 912,000 litres of water saved
Mountain Equipment Co-op, Burlington 1,014,554 litres of water saved
Halton region, Creekway Care Facility, Burlington   1,084,916 litres of water saved
Tridel Corp., the Renaissance of Richmond Hill  345,073  litres of water saved
Halton Region, Post Inn Village, Oakville   801,437  litres of water saved


To save water, Principle installed a Rain Bird LX Modular controller and Rain Bird ET Manager Cartridge at all of the above mentioned sites. Rain Bird’s ET Manager is an integral part of the irrigation control and has been proven to lower water bills by an average of 50 per cent.

The system relies on accurate hourly local ET (evapotranspiration) weather data provided by ExactET’s extensive network of sophisticated and reliable weather stations. High quality real-time data is of great importance and the ExactET solution ensures the correct amount of water is applied to landscapes at the optimum time.

This is a considerably more efficient method than conventional pre-programmed schedules which often cause over-watering. Additionally, the ET Manager logs all water use which allows for continual analysis of the soil moisture profile and thus eliminates the need to travel to controller site to make adjustments or programming changes.

Other Rain Bird irrigation components were also chosen for installation due to their high-efficiency water application, including rotators, a more efficient application technology than spray heads, and micro-volume drip lines to apply water directly to root zones.

Principle Water Resources Inc. is committed to promoting sustainable landscapes, conserving water, and implementing innovative and leading edge technology. As such, it is recognized as one of Canada’s leading water management and conservation companies.

For further information, please contact Gregory Snaith, P. Eng., at 519-767-9177 or gsnaith@principlewater.com


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