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ExactET Jumps into the LEED

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The partners at ExactET are pleased to confirm that our climate controlled irrigation program is LEED compliant and can now aid in the achievement of several LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.

“We have been working on this project for several months with Green Alberta, but it has been well worth the wait,” said ExactET’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Graham Duffy.

“Now, not only can we offer our clients huge water savings, we can also help them in their quest for highly valued LEED accreditation.”

More and more construction projects involve environmentally friendly elements, and many owners are seeking to obtain LEED certification for their new and renovated buildings.

With the dire warnings about the consequences of global warming, people are eager to do their personal part for the environment while also building state-of-the-art structures.

“The building industry has a very large and very real impact on the resources we need to survive,” said Stephani Carter of Green Alberta. “Fortunately, the building industry is going through a transformation to measure its impact in order to conserve. However, the building industry needs local experts and service providers to help us measure where we are and guide us to meet our goals of where we want to be.

“We are therefore very pleased that our local region has a conservation focused irrigation service provider such as ExactET. The men behind ExactET are passionate about the positive impact they make. And so they should be, as they have the results to back up their savings claims.”

Carter continued, “When a client is connected to ExactET’s network of weather stations they can reduce potable water use for irrigation by between 40 and 70 per cent. Coupled with the use of auxiliary or grey water approved irrigation equipment, potable water can be completely eliminated.”

Green Alberta has evaluated the processes adopted by ExactET and has confirmed  the company is able to aid in the achievement of up to seven credits and one prerequisite in the new LEED-EBOM (Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance) rating system.

ExactET’s technology can also help clients get up to three credits in the Canadian LEED-NC (New Construction) rating system.

As Duffy points out, “One of the benefits of our climate controlled irrigation program is our daily monitoring methods which can be utilized to achieve the measurement and verification credits in any LEED rating system.

For more information about how Green Alberta evaluated the services and processes of ExactET, please visit the website www.greenalberta.ca

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