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We GUARANTEE to deliver savings to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers; multi-family residential properties and single family residences.
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ExactET Proudly Supports BOMA BESt

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A commitment to the principles of conservation and wise water management is a shared goal of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and Calgary-based ExactET Systems Inc., an innovator in the field of climate controlled irrigation.

Now, ExactET's cutting edge program can be utilised by commercial property owners and managers wishing to certify under BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) or to improve their existing level of certification.

BOMA BESt is Canada's leading environmental certification program for commercial buildings and is open to office buildings, shopping centres, industrial and retail strip developments and multi-unit residential properties.

"We are absolutely delighted to be part of the BOMA BESt project," said Graham Duffy, co-founder and CEO Of ExactET.

"BOMA BESt is to be applauded for setting high standards in environmental management, and we at ExactET are honoured we have been recognized as a company that can help building owners and managers reduce their carbon footprint through outdoor water conservation."

A minimum requirement for BOMA BESt is that a building has a written policy intended to minimize water use, and encourage water conservation.

A water conservation policy is expected to express a commitment to reducing a demand for water, and to establish goals and strategies to reduce water consumption.

ExactET's Calgary clients have for several years been able to report water savings of between 40 and 60 per cent since converting from conventional based irrigation (typically programmed to water three times a week) to irrigation driven by changing climactic conditions.

The ability to track and report the amount of water saved makes ExactET's program ideal for BOMA's energy and environmental performance-based certification program.

In 2005, BOMA Canada launched a program to address an industry need for realistic standards for energy and environmental performance of existing buildings, based on accurate, independently verified information.

It began with two successful programs, BOMA Go Green and Go Green Plus, and was then updated into a streamlined certification called BOMA BESt.

Today, it has evolved from simply identifying key best practices to providing common standards, an array of educational and on-line assessment tools, independent data audits, and a four-level performance certification program.

The best practices within the program break down into six areas: energy, water, waste reduction, emissions and effluents, indoor environment and environmental management system.

"Go Green was very successful," said Bill Partridge, Executive Vice President of BOMA Calgary, "but BOMA BESt takes us to a new level of commitment. It enhances the framework for environmental management that is most commonly used across the industry, and will therefore help us to move BOMA members further down the road of continuous improvement."

Partridge continued, "When it comes to leasing office space, consumers are still primarily focussed on matters such as location, security, amenities, building prestige and, of course, pricing.

"As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, there is a need to develop appropriate, practical performance standards that optimize our use of finite resources."

He emphasized, "BOMA BESt certification shows tenants and clients that management is focussed on environmental stewardship and sound environmental practices."

For further information on how you can get involved with BOMA BESt, please phone Lia Robinson, Manager of Communication and Member Services for BOMA Calgary at 403-237-0559.

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