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Eliminating Waste in Outdoor Watering and Saving Dollars

We GUARANTEE to deliver savings to commercial, industrial and institutional property owners and managers; multi-family residential properties and single family residences.
How Much Waste

Calgary Company Saves Quarter of a BILLION Litres of Water for Clients

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ExactET Systems Inc., Canada’s leader in climate controlled irrigation, helped its industrial, commercial, institutional and residential customers in Calgary save enough water to fill the landmark 626 feet tall Calgary Tower a total of 10 times in 2010.

“All of our clients did well this summer,” said Graham Duffy, CEO of ExactET. “It did not matter if it was an industrial site, a downtown office block, a shopping mall or a private residence. Everybody saved water and thus money.

“The cold, wet summer might not have been to everyone’s liking, but to our patrons the inclement weather led to a financial bonanza in irrigation savings.”

All told, ExactET clients saved a grand total of 245 millions of potable water, with companies such as Tonko Realty Advisors (30 million litres), Bentall (24 million litres), Real Canadian Superstores (21 million litres) and Ivanhoe Cambridge (17 million litres) heading the pack.

The water savings also translates into a reduction of over 60,000 kilograms in greenhouse gas emissions - and a combined reduction in water bills of $400,000.

The drop in watering frequencies - where people and companies have opted for climate controlled irrigation rather than adhering to the traditional timer method - cut the use of outdoor potable water use by an average of 57 per cent.

ExactET’s COO Darren Kovacs pointed out that the adoption of ‘smart’ controllers means far more than just water and cash savings.

“Landscapes look better, fewer trees are lost to over-watering, operating costs are eliminated, curb appeal is enhanced, there’s no watering in the rain, and the use of fertilizers and herbicides is reduced,” said Kovacs.

“And what’s more,” added Kovacs, “for the vast majority of our clients the payback is less than two years, and quite often just one summer.”

Other major clients to sign on with ExactET in 2010 include: Oxford Properties, Brookfield, IKEA Canada, New Concept, Calgary Co-op, C-Era and ATCO Pipelines.

To view a sample of ExactET’s water volume and $$ savings click Proven Savings.

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