Why ExactET

ExactET has a proven track record of delivering on its promise of Green, Healthy Landscapes, using significantly less water

The ExactET Difference

Dedicated network of specialized water management weather stations
The SmartET Controller – the only Controller designed specifically for Water Managers
Only Canadian irrigation company dedicated solely to Water Management

18 years experience in customizing climate-based watering schedules to meet varying landscape watering needs

Monitoring and tracking actual outdoor water usage
Providing clients with a season-end Water Management Sustainability Report

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“We had struggled with a water management system that was poorly designed and wasn’t capable of doing the job we were led to believe it could do. It was a lot of work for your team to repair the previous infrastructure before you could proceed, but somehow you managed and our community is looking the best it ever has.”

Gerri Nykyforuk, President, The Ranche Community Association

“Our landscape looks great. Best of all we have used significantly less water since installing ExactET (Climate Controlled Water Management System).”

Red Armstrong, Condominium Board, The Terraces North

“With (ExactET) in place, our property never looked better… We did a conservative estimate and we were at 40 per cent (water) savings, but it is better than that… It makes sense, and from a conservation standpoint it makes even more sense.”

Rob Gray, Operations, Southcentre Mall

Applying Industry Leading Water Management Technology

ExactET has tested and reviewed all the various ‘Smart’ Controllers on the market and only uses industry leading climate (ET)-based technology designed specifically for professional Water Managers

Why ExactET and NOT an Irrigation Contractor Installed ‘Smart’ Controller

Uses Weather Information to Control Irrigation
Uses an App for a Smartphone or Tablet
Full Central Control Functionality, including Flow Control and Leak Detection
Controller Designed Specifically for Professional Water Managers
The SmartET Controller is the only one designed specifically for Irrigation Water Managers
Targeted Customer
Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Office and Multi-Family Residential
Most 'Smart' Controllers are Wi-Fi Only, designed primarily for the Residential market. ExactET's Water Management Controller is Cellular and Wi-Fi
Weather Data from Specialized and Monitored Water Management Weather Stations
ExactET uses weather data from its own network of specialized Water Management Weather Stations. Most 'Smart' Controllers either use partial weather from low-end sensors and/or extrapolate from free weather sources
Measured Effective Rainfall - Key to Avoiding Over-Watering, Landscape Damage
'Smart' Controllers don’t use measurable effective rainfall - i.e. most use a low-end rain sensor which, for example cannot decern the difference between a long-steady soaking rain event and a very short, intense micro-burst
Detailed, Customized Climate-Based Programming to Calculate Water Efficient Run Times by Program
ExactET performs a detailed assessment of landscape watering needs, optimizing the climate-based watering schedules (taking into account: plant type; root depth; soil type; shading; slope; and, sprinkler precipitation rates)
Monitoring, Controlling and Reporting of Water Usage/Savings
ExactET monitors and tracks water usage, providing clients with a season-end Water Management Sustainability Report
Green, Healthy Landscape with Significantly Less Water Usage
Last 10 Year Average: 40% Less Water


ExactET has for 18 years been delivering on its promise of a green, healthy landscape using significantly less water, and can prove it. Others can’t.